Pretty Perennials!

The perennials at Garden Cabin are in full bloom, looking lively and happy. Perennials are plants and flowers that live for continuous years without the need for replanting. They require little to no water, living of rain water and moisture from the earth. There roots like to stay fairly dry, overwatering can suffocate them. They fill out spaces, an ideal ground cover, and add nice earthy colour tones. There are so many options when picking which perennials to plant. Here is a list of pretty perennials that are amazing to plant and grow! 

Bleeding Heart 
Iris flower
Raspberry Bush 
Rose Bush 

Sustainable Living

Garden Cabin is located deep in the woodlands of Eastern Ontario, Canada, where wildlife is present and the air is fresh. Here plants and ecosystems thrive from the biodiversity of the forest. The many joys of living in this location is experiencing the four seasons of nature. The fall is when the leaves on the trees are the brightest, and most beautiful to experience. The winter wonderland is abundant of snow and sun. The Spring time is busy with maple syrup production in full swing. The Summer is also a buzzing time working and cultivating the gardens. Welcome to Garden Cabin, A lifestyle blog created by artist and environmentalist Hilary Cole. 

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